Jan 272010
Industrial Beauty

After chewing over music choices for a couple of weeks, it’s time to get this show started.

This week’s show is a mix of influences, but primarily music leaning towards a darker, more Industrial edge. Feedback is welcome!

Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 

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Radioactive State – Episode #1, Volume #1

  1. Angry Ophelia’s Song [feat. Musetta]Donnie Drost
  2. Take My Place (Head mix)Etherdust
    Bonus: Several free tracks on his site, although this one isn’t on there for some reason. Must have missed it in my coffee-free state. Thanks!
  3. Good Enough (Shockshadow remix)Shockshadow
  4. Static Attraction (Hard House mix)DJ Rkod
  5. YouVTG
    Bonus: You can pick up their entire album for the cost of one social media link.

All music used on this podcast was released under Creative Commons license. As such, this podcast is similarly released under Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives.

Music sourced from ccmixter.org & Mevio’s MusicAlley service at musicalley.com.

Image courtesy of monkeyc.net on flickr

  13 Responses to “Episode #1: Industrial power to the proletariat”

  1. Thanks for including Etherdust in your podcast! However just wanted to clarify that this song (and all others) are available for free download on the Etherdust website :)

  2. Like the look of the site. I am downloading that last one now. I like it.

    • Thanks for checking it out, James!

      I’m hoping to be up on iTunes shortly so it should make getting future podcasts even easier if you decide you like what you hear.

  3. Podcast playing as I type this. Enjoying it so far :)

    Stumbled on this because of following Flimgoblin on Twitter and mistakenly saw one of his replies and thought he’d started doing podcasts. Unless he’s had his knackers chopped off that voice is not that of a big Scotsman 😀

    • Nope, I’m definitely not Filmgoblin! Thanks so much for coming and checking it out regardless. I’m always glad to meet new folks and share good music. :)

      • Aww, bless. Roo was forced onto twitter and abandoned to learn the twittiquette himself.

        Not me, if I had a podcast it’d not be nearly as listenable and probably involve crossing Zef Rap-Rave, Italian experimental art-rock and some bagpipes…

        – Flim

  4. Much love and respect headed your way from Denver! Moonbase Zeta signing off…

  5. Great show! Really looking forward to this on an ongoing basis. When I tuned into Post-Apoc, I always enjoyed hearing both tracks I knew and discovering ones I didn’t. Ended up with a few new artists to my playlists that way. I definitely need to hear more VTG. Really loved their sound. Thanks!

    • Thanks hon!

      It’s fairly unlikely that I’ll be doing familiar stuff since I can’t afford licensing like Post Apoc Radio had. That doesn’t mean I won’t remain as dedicated to finding top-notch stuff to share. I’m giving myself the biweekly schedule since that gives me more than enough time to hunt down really great music for each show.

      Also, since the primary point of the show is the music, I won’t have to talk/engineer these as much as the others, which also helps with fast production and publishing. :)

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