Feb 112010
[candy hearts for the Radioactive State music podcast Valentine Show]

Because I’m sappy and sentimental, this episode is chock full of love just in time for Valentine’s Day. This episode skews more towards alternative rock, although there’s a bit of jazz, blues, and even a bittersweet acoustic track in the mix.

I did warn you I listen to just about everything. 😉

I’m also playing with the format a bit – less talking, more music! As always, feedback is welcomed, so feel free to drop a comment, or drop me an email to krystalle [at] radioactivestate [dot] com.


Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 

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Radioactive State – Episode #2, Volume #1

As always, complete show notes behind the break.

  1. Let Somebody InShawn Fisher *Warning: Music auto-plays!*
  2. Theater, GirlMoving Castles
  3. My Funny ValentineDebbie Cunningham
  4. Melt Into YouSara Haze
  5. Didn’t Mean To Think About YouGalia Arad
  6. Love BitesWill Tang
  7. Open Your EyesShawn Fisher *Warning: Music auto-plays!*

Ending music from the video Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat, seen on any fine purrveyor of viral Internet memes.

All music used on this podcast was released under Creative Commons license for use in Podcasts through Music Alley. As such, this podcast is also released under Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives.

Not all songs may be available as free downloads at the time this is released or accessed, so please support independent artists you like!

Music sourced from Mevio’s MusicAlley service at musicalley.com.

Image courtesy of ♥ellie♥ on flickr

And yes, the podcast plugin doesn’t seem to be pulling ID3 tags properly for the inline player, but they are on the source file. Working on it! 😉

  One Response to “Episode #2: All about the love”

  1. Only just getting to listen to this now – I’d downloaded the MP3 two weeks ago (when I wasn’t working, I was working feverishly on my own projects and mini projects). Interesting listen, and as promised, diverse. I was impressed by Will Tang, a style of music I wouldn’t ordinarily touch with an electroshock barge pole…. and yet… and yet… it was rather good 😀

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