Apr 142010
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By popular demand, this week I’ve turned my ear towards geeky music – although I should note that I’ve left the definition a bit broad. From well-known favorites like Jonathan Coulton, to soon-to-be favorite artists you may not have heard of yet, this is an extra-long podcast full of music that should set many a heart a-twittering. (Or will at least get Tweeted a few times, anyway.) So, if you love geeky music, or have ever been a fan of Dr. Demento, this particular episode should make you happy.


Be warned that while this podcast is relatively tame, there is the odd f-bomb. You’ll want earphones if you’re listening to this one at work or around kids… Unless, of course, you happen to work in a very laid-back office, or have kids who swear anyway.

It also includes more of me talking, since I got a couple of notes that I didn’t talk enough on the last one. (Blame them if I’m talking too much for you now. ;D)

As always, the independent artists make this podcast possible. So, if you find a song or artist you really like please consider buying some music from them!

Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 

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Radioactive State – Episode #4, Volume #1

Show notes are behind the break for those of you who want more details on the tasty music in episode #4.

Some of the music used on this week’s podcast comes from either the artist’s own sites (linked above) or:

This podcast is released under Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives.

Image courtesy of lechampiondumonde.com on flickr

Also be sure to check out two of the main shows that inspired me to start my podcast – Henry Rollins’ incredible radio show, Harmony in my Head, and Wil Wheaton‘s excellent Radio Free Burrito.

Feedback is welcomed! Feel free to leave a comment, or email me at krystalle [at] radioactivestate [dot] com with your requests, suggestions, proposals, death threats, or anything else you feel weird leaving in the comments below.

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