May 032010
The Fenwicks (Steve Schub & Jim Corrieri) performing at The Freebird Cafe, Jax Beach

It’s been a crazy busy week, which finds me recording and publishing Radioactive State on a new day. That’s right – moving forward, you can expect shows on Mondays as opposed to Wednesdays. (I get into just why the shift was needed on the podcast, but it’s a very exciting change! Yay!)

This week there’s a pretty wide mix as the last week or so has alternated between frenetic activity and needing slacktastic downtime to recharge the mental and spiritual batteries. As such, this show is a combination of older music and bands you’ll likely have heard of combined with my normal globe-scampering mishmash of cool new stuff.

In an effort to force myself to go a bit further away from sets, this week’s songs are quite literally presented in the random order in which they loaded into my MP3 player. All are great songs I’ve been jamming out to over the last while (or in for years in one case), so I hope you enjoy them as well!

As always, show notes with full band credit and links are after the break. Enjoy!

Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 

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Opening song clip: The Device Has Been Modified by Victims of Science

The Fenwicks appear here with written permission of and many thanks to  Steve Schub and Jim Corrieri. If you get a chance to see these guys perform in any format, take it. That said, when their musical wonder-twin powers connect in a worldwide skasplosion of epic proportions with the Fenwicks, it is the pinnacle of do not miss showmanship. Trust me on this.

Some of the music used in this week’s podcast was sourced from Mevio’s Music Alley at Other music was taken from the CC-licensed collection at All music is used under Creative Commons or by written permission of the artists. If you enjoy their music, please consider picking some up or making a donation to the bands. Community support makes independent artists viable.

Radioactive State is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0, Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivative Works unported license.

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