May 102010
Miss Lena Horne Narrates Featurette for U.N. Radio, by United Nations Photos on Flickr

This morning, news came down the wire that the hugely talented and beautiful Lena Horne passed away over the weekend at the age of 92. As an admirer of her work, this naturally meant that I couldn’t resist adding in one of her public domain recordings for this week’s show. When you couple that with having spent a good chunk of this last week looking for film noir-ish music for potential use in the production of Dead Man’s Cell Phone that I’m ASMing, you’ll understand why this week’s show leans towards the jazz/noir/swing side of the house. That said, there are still off-roads into darkwave, chaotically intriguing electrojazz, and indie/acoustic rock too. Man cannot live on bread alone, as they say.

As always, full show notes including a track listing and links to the artists/sources are after the break!

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Opening song clip: The Device Has Been Modified by Victims of Science

*NOTE: Big Butter & Egg Man is mislabeled as Fly Me To The Moon on the Archives.

Music for this week’s show has been sourced from the following sites:

Also note, new podcasting setup. I’ve tried to normalize the sound as best I could, but find the final product a bit lacking. I’ll keep working on that. Sorry for the somewhat odd levels, folks!

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