Apr 142010
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By popular demand, this week I’ve turned my ear towards geeky music – although I should note that I’ve left the definition a bit broad. From well-known favorites like Jonathan Coulton, to soon-to-be favorite artists you may not have heard of yet, this is an extra-long podcast full of music that should set many a heart a-twittering. (Or will at least get Tweeted a few times, anyway.) So, if you love geeky music, or have ever been a fan of Dr. Demento, this particular episode should make you happy.


Be warned that while this podcast is relatively tame, there is the odd f-bomb. You’ll want earphones if you’re listening to this one at work or around kids… Unless, of course, you happen to work in a very laid-back office, or have kids who swear anyway.

It also includes more of me talking, since I got a couple of notes that I didn’t talk enough on the last one. (Blame them if I’m talking too much for you now. ;D)

As always, the independent artists make this podcast possible. So, if you find a song or artist you really like please consider buying some music from them!

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Radioactive State – Episode #4, Volume #1

Show notes are behind the break for those of you who want more details on the tasty music in episode #4.
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Jan 272010
Industrial Beauty

After chewing over music choices for a couple of weeks, it’s time to get this show started.

This week’s show is a mix of influences, but primarily music leaning towards a darker, more Industrial edge. Feedback is welcome!

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Radioactive State – Episode #1, Volume #1

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Jan 032010

Having done a few months on Post Apoc Radio inside the MMO Fallen Earth, I’ve come to realize that I desperately miss DJing. As such, after looking very closely at the projects I’ve been doing, the time they take, and what I’d really like to do with 2010, I’ve opted to change a few things around. Instead of broadcasting on Post Apoc Radio, I’m opting to channel my love of sharing music with folks into a 30 (or so) minute podcast that will showcase interesting music you may not have heard.

Since I’d really rather like to stay on the outside of a jail cell, and as I don’t have insane amounts of money for ASCAP/etc. licensing (or civil fees for using that music without licenses) I’ll be doing things a bit differently. The music I’ll be using will primarily be bands that are either releasing under Creative Commons licenses, or bands that I am able to get written permission to feature. Also, to save confusion: if a show is all CC-licensed music, I’ll release that episode under Creative Commons as well. Obviously, if I get a piece that is under a special written license, I’ll point the song out in the show notes so nobody gets in trouble, and of course it means that show will not be released under a CC license.

I already have a handful of shows planned out. The first will start in more of my traditional vein: an industrial dance/alternative feel. The ones after that? Well, I won’t spoil the surprise as to the themes and bands. The important things to know about me are:

  • I listen to just about everything with the primary exception of gangsta rap
  • I’m really fond of audio silliness, covers, and other miscellaneous tidbits.

For now, best to focus on getting the outlines in place and getting this site set up. Soon, however, I shall start recording and releasing the podcasts. I hope you’ll listen in!